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The Urban Bamboo Porsche 911 Turbo S pays homage to the special 959 model

Porsche program Paint-to-Sample offers one of the most extensive color palettes of any car manufacturer, but for some customers, that's not enough. In this case, they can choose one of five colors "Chroma Flair", which it offers Porsche, all of which have a six-figure price tag.

Current model 911 Turbo S. is an exclusive model that is through the department special request order Guglielmo Miani, head of the Italian luxury brand Larusmians. The inspiration for him is one of the four Porsche 959, built by the automaker for a special customer in the late 1980s, and is probably one of the most expensive models 911 Turbo S., that have ever been produced.

The color that adorns the car is known as Urban Bamboo. Like a color "Chroma Flair" Porsche applies as many as five layers of paint, including a top coat containing fine pigments, which means that the shade of the paint changes depending on angle and light.

The other four colors Chromeflair, offered by Porsche are Python Green, Magic Magenta, Shifting Carbon in Explosive Gold. Unlike other Porsche models we've seen in these colors, this model's wheels were Turbo S painted to match the bodywork.

Other accessories were also custom made. For example, along the sides of a sports car runs a three-color stripe that combines shades of green metallic color Rock Green, green metallic color Jet Green and anthracite brown metallic colors. This particular theme continues in the cabin, where the same three shades are used on the leather surfaces, including the seats and door trims.

Porsche did not say how much it is Miani paid for this one 911 Turbo S., but says it has nearly 50 unique accessories ordered through the program special request. We hope that the owner will wrap the car in a high quality paint protection film and drive it for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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