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CHARLES LECLERC: I didn’t count on 4th place

Charles Leclerc had to concede victory to Max Verstappn in the fight for third place. The young Monaco drew a positive balance after qualifying.

Charles Leclercwhich in contrast to Vettla he had no problems with the technique of his car, he is in yesterday's qualifiers for Lewis Hamilton lagged by more than a second. Significantly less only a tenth seconds, but lagged behind third Max Verstappn. Nevertheless, he was Monachan satisfied.

In an interview with colleagues from Sky Sports F1 said after the qualifications: “I am very happy with today, because I did not count on the fourth place and especially not with the fact that I will be able to start the race in the middle mix. We tried, but we weren’t very sure we could make it. But in the end, it was nice that we succeeded anyway.“In terms of the race, though 22-year-old said: “He says good things about the race. We have problems and struggle, but speed is present, but our tires are destroyed faster than other tires. So it’s a big help to start the race on a medium tire mix."

Unlike Vettl, Charles Leclerc was able to complete his program in all three free practice sessions and thus better prepare for the qualifiers and the race - the latter will also start on a better middle tire mix.

A racer caused problems on qualifying day strong wind, which he also confirmed Leclerc. "This windless track in a Formula 1 car is also a huge challenge, as it’s crazy how fast we drive through Maggots and Becketts. And the wind did not make this work easier for us. Fortunately, the conditions were constant in the third training and qualifications, on Friday it was different, as the wind was constantly spinning in the first two training sessions. This changes the balance of the car, which means you have to react quickly.

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