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LEWIS HAMILTON: At least three more years in FORMULA 1

Defender of the title Lewis Hamilton is far from thinking about the end of his career, which he also explained during the racing weekend of the British Grand Prix here in Silverstone. The Briton guarantees that he will remain loyal to Formula 1.

The contract expires at the end of this year Lewis Hamilton with the team Mercedes and the extension of the contract, which is otherwise desired by both parties, is not yet under the roof at that time. This, of course, takes care of the various speculation, some rumor cooks they even go so far as to see in this the first step towards final farewell a six-time world champion who could equal the record this year Michael Schumacher in the number of champion titles.

But like argument for these claims not only his is mentioned successful balance sheet in the field of sports, but also its many occupations off the track. Because the 35-year-old is active both in the field music, fashion in acting, and on top of that he advocates greater uniformity and diversity in motorsport. Despite these activities, however, is far from considering the farewell, which he pointed out here in Silverstone. "Nothing can be guaranteed, but I plan to perform here at Silverstone again next year and that is without a doubt my goal. The answer to the question of how long I will continue, however, is not yet known,”He explained Hamilton and issues: "Lokdown due to the coronavirus had negative consequences in many ways, but at the same time this situation gave us the opportunity to spend more time and energy on other things."

Lewis Hamilton stressed at Silverstone that he intends to stay in Formula 1 for at least another three years.

"We were really able to relax and I was able to recharge my batteries myself. After all, I would like to continue forever at the level I am at the moment, but of course there comes a time when you are no longer at the highest level in terms of physical and mental fitness. I don't know when this will happen, but I don't believe it will happen in the next two or three years,”Adds the winner 86th Dirk, who wants to earn his place anew every year. “This is not a matter of course, although he won the title last season. I think you still have to earn the right to stand in the starting lineup with the results. My goal is to say the right form for as long as possible. Because of this, I see myself for at least another three years in Formula 1."

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