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MERCEDES EQG Concept: Class G in (conceptual) ELECTRIC image

Mercedes has brought an interesting study to the IAA, which suggests that in the future we could also get an electric class G.

Remember the car show in Detroit in 2018 when he is Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche introduced the new generation of the G-Class and when he got it into his hands right after that Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Famous film actor and former Governor of California already at the time asked Zetsche if they also intended to prepare an electric version of the chunky SUV. Zetsche was a bit confused at first, but then quickly promised electrification of all segments of Mercedes' sales range - including class G. Three years later, we see the first evidence that it is Mercedes boss he meant it then.

Mercedes EQG Concept, which was shown a few days ago on IAA in Munich, is still a study, but as claimed by Mercedes, it is a car that is close to series production. It is also interesting to note that the concept is not based on a new platform for electric cars, but on a classic one, on which it was created. Mercedes class G with internal combustion engine, except that an additional frame is used here, which also serves as storage for the batteries in the bottom of the vehicle. The capabilities of these have not been disclosed at Mercedes.

He also has a concept on the back the door, which opens to the page instead up, there is also a “storage” for a spare wheel, which could also be used for storage charging cable.

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