OFFICIAL: FORMULA 1 will also be broadcast live on YouTube for the first time this year

The race for the German GP 2020 at the Nürburgring in October will be the world premiere of the broadcast of the Formula 1 race via the YouTube channel.

But it is predicted revolution in how it could formula 1 broadcast your races live in the future? Because GP of Germany, which will be this October on Nürburgringu, se v Germany will not only transfer to RTL (free of charge) and Sky (paid), but also free on the online platform YouTube.

Po pilot experiment with flow platform Twitch (Mexico 2019), bo formula 1 for the first time a live race was also shown on the channel YouTube, which will show the German race in seven European countries. Sorry Slovenia not listed here. Users YouTube from other countries will be blocked and will not have access to this world premiere. Not only will the race be shown here, the contract also covers it pre-race reporting, analysis in surplus races, which we are also used to from conventional television stations.

Users of the YouTube channel from seven European countries will also be able to watch this year's race for the German Grand Prix for free on the YouTube channel. Unfortunately, Slovenia is not around.

Who will transfer the race to YouTube commented and in what language, this is not yet known at this time. YouTube supposed to help it gain new fan groups. 70 percent users of this video channel watching videos Formula 1, is less than 35 let. So a target group that is very attractive to Liberty Medio.

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Posted by: Bojan Vrbnjak

F1 enthusiast, golf, travel enthusiast and amateur photographer.

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