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Why did Mazda protect the "6e" name and logo in Europe?

Perhaps the mid-range sedan will get a new electric version…

The current generation Mazda 6 has been available since 2012, and the Japanese manufacturer will stop production at its domestic factory in April this year. And then? It will be a mid-range sedan simply died? She will not have to if the application is made recently for brand and logo turned into a real car – electric car.

As he reported AutoGuide, the Mazda v to the European Union protected name and logo “6e”, suggesting that the aging four-door sedan could return as electric car. Applications for the design name and logo were submitted yesterday To the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), but the authority has not yet granted the rights to the company. But if all goes according to plan, applications should be approved in the coming months. According to the data EUIPO is the brand "6e"refers to"cars and their parts; electric cars and their parts". Logo it can be seen in the image at the top of this article, next to the soon-to-be-discontinued 6 Series sedan.

Will the Mazda 6 possibly get an electric 6e version in the future?

Mazda currently offers a model MX-30, which does not perform well, only as a fully electric vehicle or as a plug-in hybrid with Wankle engines as a range extender. The new name proposed in the trademark application is different from the name that Mazda currently uses, but is easier to understand. Will it be Mazda 6 battery-powered ever became a reality, but it is still not clear.

When the company announced at the beginning of the year end of production at the Japanese factory, the press release was rather gloomy and indicated that there would be a series CX filled the gap left by the cancellation of the series 6. After all, how many limousine lovers are there anyway? We would develop Mazda's mid-size sedan battery powered, but when you see everyone buying crossovers and SUVs these days?

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