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HONDA is supposed to provide MORE ENGINE POWER for the last TWO RACES

He seems to have Red Bull hind wing problems. Mechanics regularly work on the Verstappn wing, which suffers from vibrations at high speeds. They also struggled with this in Qatar.

In his new video for German colleagues from car engine and sport (AMuS) is a journalist Michael Schmidt discussed the latest and latest news from Formula 1 paddock.

According to engineers, there is a big difference between Red Bullom in Mercedes probably related to the race car setting. As he says Schmidt, must Red Bull in view hind wing look more at yourself instead of at Mercedes. He had to in Qatar Red Bull due to problems with DRS at the last minute before qualifying to replace the rear wings from Monaka, which was not tested, which logically meant that the balance was not correct. According to Schmidt, he was Red Bull forced to replace wings because he might have wanted to Mercedes to protest against their back wing after qualifying.

Pri Red Bullu obviously have problems with the back wing from Monaco, which we could see in both Brazil and Qatar. For the last two races, Honda is expected to give them more engine power so that Max Verstappen can take Hamilton, who has been in a crash since Sao Paulo, more seriously.

Iz for some reason, the team cannot solve this problem. Mercedes knows that problems with DRS home bring benefits as we have been able to see in Brazil with Lewis Hamilton. He was disqualified because the damaged, broken, loosened (there are more and more versions here) wings gave him extra speed. Mercedes he wanted to take precautions and ensure that the rear wings Red Bullbut it is not against the rules.

Schmidt he says he will have to Red Bull do your best to be in Abu Dhabi competitive and had a race car that will be able to compete with on the track Mercedes. Testing new rear wing at this point in the season it no longer makes sense, since at Red Bullu there is a fear that the test would not be good. In the end, however, Schmidt adds that he might Honda can provide more power for the last two races though Toto wolff considers that Red Bull used more power already in Qatar.           

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