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MARKO on another sentence VERSTAPPNA: I hope this will end

Helmut Marko, sports boss Red Bullbut considers the race commissioners to be very inconsistent in enforcing track restrictions.

Photo: HB Press

Helmut Marko considers the Commissioners this year Max Verstappen already “fucked up” three times. Austrian therefore requires that the time has come to find an appropriate solution.

"It was a Mercedes track here and we're working on it,”He said in a Portuguese view for Sky Germany. Racing speed RB16B she wasn’t good enough for a second win this year. “That wasn’t enough to win, but the development is good. But we also have disruptive track limitations here. We lost the win in Bahrain, the fastest lap and pole position in Portugal. All good things at once. I hope this will end now." Marko is a bit reluctant when the times when someone lands with all four wheels off the track are erased.

After the race in Portugal, Helmut Marko was bent over the track restrictions and the inconsistency of the race commissioners in enforcing these restrictions - Photo: HB Press

Austrian I would like the rules to change. “Either make a border with higher curbs or put a sand barrier or something like that there. If you leave the asphalt, you will be punished immediately." Marko he also doesn’t understand why Norris after a re-start, he was not penalized by the race commissioners. A young racer McLarna supposed to Laziness overtook off the track. “With all four wheels he was off track and no reaction. It's not consistent and it's not racing if you juggle the rules like that,”He concluded angrily Marko.       

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